7 Best Foods to Eat on Your Period...

...and continue your health streak!




The only thing that makes my period remotely bearable is FOOD!

Wolfing down bags of crisps and boxes of chocolate *suddenly* becomes okay because we're hormonal (and bloody and I deserve it), okay! But, it doesn't just end there. We end up hating ourselves for being so greedy and adding those extra calories to our diet.

So, we've got you a list of healthy foods you can eat on your period to continue your health streak:

  • Nuts and Seeds - Swap your bags of crisps with fresh, raw nuts and seeds (don't go for the snack packs). Hopefully they rid you of some of the agonizing cramps.

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  • Leafy Greens - You need the iron rich nutrients that Spinach offers during your period, as much as we hate to admit it.

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  • Fruits - We know you'd rather have gummy bears but you'll feel so much better if you prefer natural sugar over processed ones. Especially, bananas! They're a rich source of vitamins – B and C to boost your mood, and to help you poo (which many people tend to struggle with on their period).

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  • Fish- Salmon and Tuna - Both have omega-3 fatty acids that help relax your muscles and frankly, who can think of a better time to act all posh and check out that new sushi joint you've been dying to try?

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  • Yogurt - Here's the best time to use all the acai bowls, yogurt parfait recipes bookmarked on your laptop! It helps reduce PMS and relax your muscles, so you can finally give your partner a break from the endless massages.

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  • Whole Grains - Along with helping your tiredness, whole grains keep you fuller for longer so you don't overeat and regret it later.

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  • Dark Chocolates - You're on your period, so do what you want dammit! But, out of the big box of chocolates, go for the dark one.

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