8 Times Priyanka Chopra Had the Wittiest Responses on Talk Shows

#7 was a fitting reply!




Priyanka Chopra is just goals! She is sassy, she is funny, and absolutely stunning!

Here are 8 life lessons we can learn based on her kick*ss replies to talk show hosts, for the times when we wanted to embrace the PC within us.

1. When Priyanka gave us an escape route on Koffee with Karan.

  • Follow her tip for when you can't get rid of the creepy guy at the bar.

2. When she gave us hogging tips at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

  • No Indian can be defeated at a hot-wings eating contest!

3. When she gracefully accepted being embarrassed on Live with Kelly and Michael.

  • Guess we all need to learn to laugh at ourselves.

4. When she taught us to embrace our culture on Jimmy Fallon's show.

  • And also enhanced your worldly knowledge on different languages.

5. When she taught the world to down tequila shots like a pro on the Ellen Degeneres Show

  • Because why shy away from the fact that us Indians can handle their drinks?

6. When she taught us how to face our bullies on The View

  • PC opened up about being bullied as a kid on the popular TV show and was an inspiration to so many of us to stand up to our fears.

7. When she taught us to stand up for our Nation on Chelsea Handler's talk show.

  • Handler was unaware of the sheer scale of English-speaking Indians to which Priyanka said that about 10% of Indians can fluently speak English which accounts for 1.3 million of the population, more than most countries! Yeah you tell them, girl!

8. When she taught us how to be brutally honest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Yes PC, you totally inspire us.