5 Priyanka Chopra Controversies That Will Shock You

Oh, Pee Cee




With Bollywood fame comes a hell lot of controversies. We all love Priyanka Chopra and we can't deny the fact that her talent keeps doing us proud. The queen of Bollywood cinema has already got a big fan base in Hollywood as well. But with all the recognition and fame, even our favourite homegirl couldn't stay away from the dreaded controversies.

Here are 5 Priyanka Chopra controversies that will definitely shock you.

1. The Armpit Controversy

This one is still so fresh in our minds! Yes, we are talking about her incredibly hot Maxim cover. The world leapt at a chance to find faults in Pee Cee, and were quick to point out that her armpits looked more like a 'baby's bottom' than human armpits. Who even notices that much?! Twitter found yet another way to body shame and said that her armpits raised 'unrealistic expectations'. But Priyanka took to Twitter and posted a #nofilter picture of her 'pit-stopping' underarms. Because, f*ck the haters.

2. The Epic Comeback

We all know about the constant rivalry between Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka.

Kareena, being blunt as ever, on Koffee With Karan, rhetorically asked, "I wonder where she gets that accent from?" referring to Pee Cee. To which, the Quantico star replied that she got it from the same place that Saif does.

She shoots, she scores!

3. The Mary Kom Controversy

Honestly, the film was amazing. Priyanka's Mary Kom biopic, set goals for women everywhere to achieve their dreams. But it also gave birth to a hugeee controversy. Why was Priyanka chosen to play a Northeast Indian character? She was accused of cultural chauvinism when her before and after looks were revealed. Oh Pee Cee, you walked straight into this one.

4. The Alleged Akshay Kumar Affair

The duo got really close during the shooting of 'Aitraaz' and were rumoured to be just as steamy off camera as they were on camera. Think Pee Cee slipped too much into character and embodied their homewrecker story in real life too. It actually drove Twinkle Khanna to ban Akshay from acting with her ever agin.

5. Another Homewrecker Rumour

We can't deny the chemistry between Priyanka and Shah Rukh Khan, especially on the sets of Don 2. The actor had an alleged affair with SRK that shook Bollywood. Although, we don't know what *really* happened off camera, but it definitely did not look good.