8 *Ridiculous* Bollywood Rumours That Will Shock You!

#5 was so not cool.




People have wayyy too much time on their hands to start rumours and celebs have to bear the brunt of it. Here are some of the strangest rumours circling the film industry.

Please note that we think these are ridiculous and aren't actually true!

1. Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra are 'apparently' married.

A strange *ss conspiracy theory actually believes that Shah Rukh and Priyanka got married in a secret ceremony in Toronto, Canada!

2. Katrina Kaif isn't actually who you think she is.

The gossip mills are at it again- this time they think that Katrina's whole identity has been fabricated to make it more appealing to the public. At one point, people thought that Katrina's real name is Katrina Turquotte and that her father was a Kashmiri businessman.

3. Priyanka Chopra has had plastic surgery.

Obviously people are quick to judge and body shame, and Pee Cee just happened to be one of the victims. People think that Priyanka has gotten a LOT of plastic surgeries, from a nose job to even get her shoulders done- and because her parents were cosmetic surgeons, the 'theory' seemed even more valid. Well, that's just silly.

4. Sonakshi Sinha's 'real' mother.

People have claimed that Sonakshi's real mother is actually Reena Roy, Shatrughan Sinha's ex-girlfriend, because of their uncanny resemblance.

5. Kareena Kapoor got 'knocked up' when she was in school.

People actually researched into Kareena's childhood? They really have too much time on their hands.

Apparently they believed that Kareena got 'knocked up' when she was in ninth grade, but thank god, this was revealed to be just a rumour, made because of her popularity.

6. Kajol and Ajay Devgan live separate lives.

Loads of Bollywood celebs have been under the public scrutiny for ridiculous reasons and this one just tops the list. It is believed that Ajay Devgan and Kangana Ranaut had an affair and that he and Kajol are living separate lives, and putting on a farce for the public. Because they really have nothing better to do, right?

7. Karan Johar and Sidharth Malhotra were in a relationship!

This is so out of the blue! But people think that Sidharth was actually in a relationship with Karan, during the early years of his career, which is why the director cast him in his movie, Student of the Year.

8. Kangana Ranaut does black magic.

Kangana's ex-boyfriend, Adhyayan Suman started a rumour that the actor, practices black magic to get ahead in life. And he's also claimed that she used to mix her menstrual blood in his food! This is as creepy as it can get!