5 Amazing Things Kareena Kapoor Khan Shared While She Was Pregnant

"It's the one time you can allow yourself to let go, no?"




Kareena Kapoor Khan was a busy eight months pregnant woman. She wasn't just preparing to bring Taimur Ali Khan to the world, but also wrapping up shoots and honoring other prior commitments like walking on the ramp as a showstopper. She was in the public eye all through her pregnancy. In an interview with HT Brunch she shared some things that were on her mind during this wonderful phase.

1. Kareena mentioned that she was gorging on the Kapoor foods for 8 months of her pregnancy. She said,"Of course, I've over-indulged in eating, but not on desserts. I've binged on biryani and other 'Kapoor foods' like payas… It's the one time you can allow yourself to let go, no?"

2. The couple had no idea about the sex of the baby. She said, "The strange part is that Saif and I have never really asked ourselves whether we want a boy or a girl. It's the first time, so we want what God has decided for us. That's why we haven't even thought of names. Saif loves surprises, and he likes the excitement of not knowing. So he said 'Listen, let's just keep it at that!"

3. Every would-be parent thinks about how they want to raise their child. While Kareena was unsure of her parenting skills, she was completely confident about Saif as a father.

"Saif has been a parent before. He is a father, and the coolest one I know. He is amazing with his children, and they are so well brought up. I just want him to be like that with our child. I don't know how I'm going to be as a mother. But with Saif, it's quite strange: Saif is very spoiled, and he spoils me a lot too. But with his children, he's very grounded. Suddenly, he is all stable-headed and becomes another person. It's quite amazing."

4. She has broken many stereotypes, but working till the very last stage of her pregnancy was another level altogether. "I've been keeping myself so busy during this pregnancy that Saif always says 'You'll have this baby in Mehboob Studios!' My friends are constantly teasing me and telling me to calm down and do less. But knowing me, don't be surprised if I head straight from the hospital to a shoot. I think I'll definitely be fully back at work one month after my baby is born."

5. She introduced the term size- zero to the masses in 2008 and she might surprise her fans by achieving it again.

"I'd love to be Size Zero again. It'll be exciting."