7 Things That Prove Shah Rukh Khan is Rich AF

For example, he owns land on the moon!




1. Firstly, lets start with his house.

Shah Rukh Khan's home in Mumbai is epic, it costs about Rs 200 Crore. His opulent villa, called Mannat, has some pretty incredible views of the sea.

The bungalow has five bedrooms, several living rooms, a basement car park, a library, and of course, a gym, because how else is he supposed to maintain his six-pack abs?

2. He owns a luxurious villa, worth $2.8 Million, in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

If you think his house is grand, get this. His villa in Dubai, is HUGE. It's spread over two levels, and has six bedrooms, as well as a remote control two-car garage.

3. He bought a Rs 4 Crore, vanity van!

Because you know, you need to look rich AF while getting your make-up done or taking a power nap in the middle of shoots. This van is literally the epitome of what technology can do. It has a driver's cabin, master bedroom, a fully-equipped restroom, and an integrated make-up section that has four screens and a recliner. The bus also includes high-end audio and video equipment, along with several other amenities money can buy.

4. He has a fleet of luxury cars.

And one of them is worth Rs 12 Crore, so you can only imagine how fancy the rest of the them are.

5. He has another house, in the most expensive parts of London.

Because one can't possibly have 'too' many houses. Shah Rukh, bought an apartment in Central London, one of the most expensive parts of the city! It's worth about Rs 167 Crore and is said to have five bedrooms.

6. He co-owns an IPL Team.

We've all see Shah Rukh Khan at IPL matches cheering on his team, Kolkata Knight Riders, which is worth about Rs 600 Crore! That's insane, but when you have that much money, why not buy a football team as well?

7. He actually owns land on the moon!

Lastly, the most insane one of the lot. At Rs 2,500 per acre, Shah Rukh even owns part of the moon, as a gift from his very loyal fan. He admitted in an interview that, "an Australian lady buys a little land on the moon for me every year on my birthday. She has been buying it for a while now and I get these certificates from the Lunar Republic Society."