Here's How These Bollywood Celebs Would Look Without Their Iconic Facial Features!

Would Shah Rukh Khan still be equally attractive without his dimples?




We are a country obsessed with our film stars, and completely mesmerised with their good-looking persona. Most of our ever fave actors have a specific physical characteristic, which is the unique distinguishing keynote of their glamorous personality.

It would be a hilarious AF experience to check them out, SANS those features! Take a look.

1. Priyanka Chopra

This immensely talented actor has now turned a global superstar, with her hard work and dedication, and let's face it — a killer personality! But what Priyanka is most famous for, is her oh-so-desirable natural pout. PeeCee knows her asset very well, and never fails to accentuate it in all her looks, but if you're wondering how she would have looked without it, have a look!

2. Shah Rukh Khan

He's cute, he's charming, and he makes a million girls weak in the knees with just one flash of his pearlies! Shah Rukh's romantic sequences became iconic not just because of his acting, but a lot due to his affable boy-next-door personality, with his dimples on either side as the sweet cherry on the cake! What if we never got to see them?

3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The quintessential beauty, Aishwarya Rai broke all records of gorgeousness when she was crowned as Miss World in 1994, and has ever since, engraved her mark on the beauty wall in Bollywood. While it's difficult to point out a single characteristic feature that makes her so perfect, her greenish-hue eyes definitely make her beauty all the more striking! But what if, that wasn't the case?

4. Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta waltzed into Bollywood — with her bubbly charm, endearing laugh, and an innocently pretty face! We mentioned SRK earlier, but Preity too, was the pioneer actress who set hearts on fire with her iconic dimpled smile! To be honest, we find her equally pretty even without them.

5. Hrithik Roshan

It's safe to say that no matter what changes, we will continue to crush on this Greek God of a hunk in Bollywood! Hrithik Roshan made the ladies go gaga over his chiselled features, and intense looks from his debut film itself, and age has just made him better. We leave you to imagine Hrithik without his stubble and iconic green eyes, in case you cannot — take a peek below!

6. Kajol

You'd probably be a fan of her hardcore acting skills, and the unforgettable characters she has given Indian cinema throughout her acting career. But you couldn't have possibly missed her trendsetting uni-brow (which she is supremely proud of, BTW). Kajol cannot be the same without her iconic brows, we just can't deal with that!

7. Saif Ali Khan

Just like Hrithik cannot be the same without his characteristic peepers, Saif Ali Khan also, would look alarming if we changed the soft, chocolate hue of his eyes. He suddenly seems transformed into a conniving villain, as opposed to his otherwise amicable personality! What do you think?

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