So This is What Happened When Suhana Khan Was Mobbed by the Paparazzi

Daddy dearest to the rescue.




The paparazzi in Bollywood doesn't leave even a single chance to click celebs and their kids. And when it's about Shah Rukh Khan and his kids, paparazzi goes crazy just to capture a glimpse of them.

During the special screening of the film Tubelight,Suhana Khan had to face a lot of problem dealing with the paparazzi. The star kid seemed uneasy in front of cameras and also tried to avoid them. But all the efforts went in vain and the shutter bugs followed her everywhere.

In a recent interview with Rajeev Masand, Shah Rukh Khan disclosed about how uncomfortable Suhana was with the paparazzi. He even revealed that when Suhana got mobbed by the paparazzi, she called him in a panic state for help and said, "Dad please come pick me, I am stuck."

On being asked about the intense media attention on his kids, Shah Rukh said, "I am okay with them getting photographed. My request is, I understand we are part of the media. I have told my kids also and my son kind of understands. I have told them listen if photographers come stand, give the pictures and ask, 'can I go now'. They'll all listen to you because I have known them for 25 years. At the Tubelight screening, she didn't come with me. She told me I am going on my own. I requested her to come with me because I am going there to meet Salman and I will pick you up. And then she had to actually call me, 'Can you pick me up, I am stuck'."

Well said, Shah Rukh.