OMG Is Deepika Padukone Wearing An Engagement Ring???

It has been spotted on the right finger.

When it comes to our favourite actors in Bollywood, we really do keep an eye on each and every detail, and we are glad we do because guess what we spotted on Deepika Padukone?

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/Deepikasbee/status/910507748143407104[/twitter]

Looks like she's out having a fun time with her buddies at a fashion show but wait, check out her ring finger closely.

Thats right! She seems to be wearing a ring.

Here's another picture of her wearing the same ring on the same finger. You can see it if you zoom-in.

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/Deepikasbee/status/910507748143407104[/twitter]

Could this spell wedding bells for Deepika and Ranveer?

While we are sure the couple would make a proper announcement if that was the case, we have our finger's crossed that might be happening soon.