So This is Why Priyanka Chopra is the Ultimate Multitasking Boss

Seriously, how does she do it all?!




Need some tips on how you can do a better job juggling multiple tasks at work? Why not ask Priyanka? After all, she seems to wear about a million hats and slayyyys them all! 

Priyanka recently scratched off 'Producer' from her to-do-list with her new TV series, 'It's My City' all while continuing to kill the acting (in two countries), singing, and modeling game. If that's not enough, she's also the National Ambassador for Unicef!

Want to learn how to steal Priyanka's mad multitasking skills? She shared her secret in a recent article with Indian Express: "I do make money. And I work very hard to earn this money. I don't sleep at night, I work 16 hours a day. I don't have weekends, I don't have Diwali, I don't have New Years and I don't have birthdays". 

Got it! We see you work hard girl, and we are definitely taking notes!