QUIZ: Who is Your Bollywood Eyebrow Twin?

it's all about the brow!




​Ever wonder who you look most like in Bollywood? Well let's start with the brows! Check below to see which one of our Bollywood beauties is your brow twin!  

1) Thick and full

If your brows are full and thick, your brow twin is Deepika Padukone!

2) All natural

If you like to keep your brows in their natural form, your brow twin is Kareena Kapoor!

3) High arch

If you have a strong arch, your brow twin is Priyanka Chopra!

4) Thin all around

If your brows are thin all around, your brow twin is Malaika Arora Khan!

5) Rounded

If your brows are rounded all around, your brow twin in Sonam Kapoor! 

6) Spaced out

If your brows are more spaced apart, your brow twin is Alia Bhatt!

7) Uni-love!

If you love sporting your uni-brow, your brow twin is Kajol!