9 Signs He is Using You For Sex

Especially #5!




If you have been 'seeing' your guy for a while without any signs of commitment, chances are he is using you for sex! For definite proof that you may be nothing more than a booty call, check out these 9 signs he is just using you for sex! 

1) Most of your conversations lead to sex. Even if your conversations start off with a serious topic, it always leads back to: SEX! SEX! SEXXXX! 

2) He only calls/texts you late at night. #bootycall

3) He never wants to cuddle. Cuddling after sex (or just because) demonstrates intimacy. Therefore, if he doesn't want to cozy up, he might not be interested getting closer to you.

4) He never wants to spend the night. He seems to lives by the motto: Hit it and Quit it! 

5) You have never been on a real date. All your 'meetings' are usually at your place or his. He doesn't seem interested in taking you out or getting to know you! 

6) You don't know much about his life. Even after seeing him on multiple 'occasions', you often feel like you don't know even basic things about him! 

7) He keeps you a secret. It may be cute to think he wants you all to himself, but if his friends/family/colleagues have no idea who you are, it isn't a good sign. 

8) He never calls you his girlfriend. When you are out and someone asks who you are, he always refers to you by anything other than girlfriend. 

9) He contacts you out of no where. You don't hear from him for weeks, then BOOM, he texts you out of no where for a quick (late night) meet up!