15 Mean Tweets About Priyanka Chopra That Prove the Internet is AWFUL

"The only reason I hate Quantico is Priyanka's Fake American accent"




We all know the internet can be riotously fun—and funny. But it can also allow a sh*tload of negativity to fester, and it's ever-so-easy to throw some of that rot the celebrity way. Here's proof that even some who's so obviously killing it and being a #girlboss like PC can attract the nastiest of Twitter Trolls...

#1. This random, unsavoury comment about her hair

#2. This take on how much make-up she wears...

#3. This marital-problem causing hatred...

#4. This bizarre remark about her appearance

#5. This horrible (but mildly funny) comment about her lips

#6. This change of tide with the times

#7. This inability to handle how successful she is

#8. This ridiculous, unexplained anger

#9. This demoralising remark about her singing career

#10. This bout of #AccentShaming

#11. This general bashing of our actors finding success abroad

#12. This automatic assumption that success breeds snobbery

#13. This remark of beauty shaming disdain

#14. This utterly tasteless, insensitive remark about a very private matter

#15. And lastly, this belittling, incredibly anti-feminist attitude that whittles down her huge success to pornography.

Whatever, #TwitterFiends. PC, to quote you from our March 2015 issue "Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate!"