7 Facts About Parineeti Chopra You Probably Didn't Know

Like her BFF is...?




  1. ​Parineeti Chopra has a triple Hons. degree in Business, Finance and Economics from Manchester Business School.​

​2. Like most of us, she is crazy about pizza and can have them all day, every day.

3. Parineeti stood first all over India in 12th grade exams and was rewarded by the then President of the country.

4. She never wanted pursue acting as a career but after the 2009 recession, she joined Yash Raj Films as a PR and marketing consultant. Later she thought she could try her luck in acting and aced her way to a really successful career in Bollywood as an actor.​

5. Parineeti is a trained singer and has a B A Hons. degree in music.

6. ​She worked with Manchester United during her college days in U.K.​

7. She is BFFs with Sania Mirza.