Priyanka Chopra Was on Another Hollywood Chat Show Where She Spilled a Few Interesting Secrets!

All thanks to #TheDrinkingGame, this girl was on fire!




PeeCee has been taking over Hollywood by storm lately! This time she was on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live on Bravo on Wednesday. Apart from the many appearances she has already made on the chat shows abroad, this one involved a drinking game where the actress revealed some saucy secrets about her work and personal life.

Playing the game along with her was Scandal star, Tony Goldwyn!

The rules were: The stars were given a cocktail and the host asked the famous 'never have i ever' kind of questions. If they have done something, they drink. If they haven't, they don't.

Priyanka revealed she has never stolen anything from wardrobe while Tony took a slug from his glass.

Chopra grinned as she took a sip from her cocktail in response to Andy's question about turning down a role while the Tony virtuously left his glass on the table revealing he's never done that.

It was amazing when both actors sipped from their glasses when Andy asked if they had ever had a crush on their co-stars! Unfortunately the alcohol didn't work enough to make them reveal the names of their co-star crushes, but here are some stills to prove she had a blast on this show.