This Is Why Shah Rukh Khan Dedicated His Success to Salman Khan's Dad

Who knew SRK went way back with Salman's family? 

We all know Shah Rukh Khan's success story — where he came to Mumbai as struggling actor, and did not get a break for the longest time. But do we know how he survived during his fledgling years? Turns out that none other than Salman Khan's dad, Salim Khan, looked for King Khan. 

SRK and Salman

The actor revealed this interesting tit-bit on Salman's show, Dus Ka Dum, where he spoke about his career and his success. "The first time I came to Mumbai as a struggling actor, I had my meals at Salman’s place where Salim Khan ji supported me a lot. It is because of them I have become ‘Shah Rukh Khan’. I have come on the show only because of Salman and I will go wherever he tells me to go," said SRK. 

SRK and Salim Khan

That is super sweet, and also gives an interesting insight into the tumultuous relationship he and Salman share.