This Is The Piece of Advice Shah Rukh Khan Gave A Debutant Kajol

Turns out, it eventually helped shape her career! 

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are the iconic 90s couple — and even a Bollywood-hater will tell you that. Even today, people would fill cinema halls if the two decided to do another movie together.

Kajol and SRK

And given their long, and famous, filmography, it comes as no surprise that they are also besties. Speaking about their friendship recently, Kajol, in an interview with DNA, shared an important piece of career advice that SRK had given her while shooting for Baazigar

"I remember he told me, I should learn how to act and I was like, ‘I am doing so fabulously well.' He told me I need to burn out as an actor, and I felt, he talks nonsense sometimes. But when I was shooting for Udhar Ki Zindagi, I was like, ‘I can’t do films that are so heavy, it sucks so much out of you’. I did not want to do that anymore," she said. 

Kajol and SRK

She added that she even discussed doing smaller roles with her mom, Tanuja. " I told her that I want to do films with three songs, three scenes, etc. So I signed up films like Hulchul and Gundaraj, among others," she said. 

Kajol and SRK

Looks like SRK really is the king — and Kajol remains our queen!