"I Don't Think I'm a Star Yet": Sara Ali Khan

The young actor shared her thoughts on her increasing stardom. 

Of all the fresh faces that have taken Bollywood by storm this past year, Sara Ali Khan is probably the most remarkable. Not only has she already proven her acting chops in two films already (Kedarnath and Simmba), she has also garnered a huge fan following with her fun and candid personality. 


So, in a recent interview, when Sara was asked about her new-found super stardom, she responded humbly: "Arre kahaan? I am just running around trying to cope with the workload. I don’t have time to feel like a star. I don’t think I’m a star yet. But I hope I get there some day. I don’t think I will ever let myself feel like a star. The minute you do, others will stop seeing you in a favourable light."

Now, although that's a great attitude to have to keep oneself grounded, we think Sara just needs a some time to accept the fact that she is, in fact, a star already.