Ranveer Singh Teasing Alia Bhatt About Ranbir Kapoor Is Every BFF Ever

And Alia's reaction says it all! 

We all have that one friend who never misses an opportunity to tease us about a crush or a partner, especially when you're trying to be cool and lowkey about it. 

Turns out, Ranveer Singh is that friend for Alia Bhatt. At the recent launch of the trailer of their film, Gully Boy, Alia was asked about the similarities and differences between working with boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer. While Alia answered diplomatically, Ranveer seized the opportunity to tease her by saying, "Ek thoda zaada special hai, ek thoda kamm." (One is a little more special than the other).


Alia, of course, blushed and playfully smacked Ranveer on his arm. We get you Alia, these friends are incorrigible! But we still love them, right?