The Hidden Meaning Behind All the Kardashian-Jenner Baby Names

Just incase you were wondering what Saint and Stormi stood for.

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is trying to keep up with the Kardashians, and this holds true for keeping track of their baby names as well.


The Kardashians and the Jenners are nothing short of pop culture royalty, and are amongst the most followed and famous people on this planet. No surprises then, that the children born to them over the past ten years seem to find themselves continuously in the spotlight as well. Each time a new Kardashian or Jenner baby is born, fans tend to go nuts trying to guess what the next name will be, and they are always surprised with a new and unique one. So, we decided to put an end to all the speculations and curiosity once and for all, and uncover the inspiration behind each unique name. 

 North West


Kimye's (Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's) famous baby girl North West got her name from a rumour. In an interview Kim explained how she and Kanye ended up actually choosing the name. Apparently Pharrell Williams and Vogue editor Anna Wintour had both heard the rumour and asked them if they were going to call their baby girl North, because they thought it was 'really cool' and a 'genius name.' Both Kim and Kanye looked at each other and laughed, and the name then just stuck. Isn't that the coolest story, ever?

Saint West


Kim and Kanye decided to take their son's name in a different direction. A source told a magazine that they the couple had referred to him as 'Saint' throughout the nine months of Kim's pregnancy, which was quite difficult. The couple considered him a blessing and have since then opted for surrogacy to avoid further complications. 

Chicago West


As confusing as it sounds, the name makes sense as Kanye West grew up in the South Side of Chicago, a place that he often mentions in his music. Others have theorised that it could be a tribute to his late mother, but the couple is yet to confirm the true meaning behind this name.

Mason Dash Disick


Born to Kourtney Kardashian, Mason was an obvious name for her to choose as it means the same thing in English that Kardashian means in Armenian i.e. 'stoneworker'.

Penelope Scotland Disick


Penelope is a classic Greek name which means 'weaver' and is also associated with The Odyssey. Kourtney and her husband Scott however, just picked the name because they thought it was cute. The birth of little Penelope was kept hidden from the media, though her arrival was announced only a few hours after Kourtney was checked out of the hospital. Kris Jenner (Kourney's mom) suggested Scotland as a middle name, probably to pay tribute to Penelope's daddy, Scott, and both Kourtney and Scott just loved it.

Reign Ashton Disick


Reign was a name Kourtney had on her list since she gave birth to Mason. She revealed in an interview that she "is never certain with names until they're (the kids) born." Reign's initials spell out RAD, which Kourtney considers 'purposeful.' Kourtney constantly references him as Rad in her Instagram pictures. 

Stormi Webster


While Kylie has not officially given any reason for her baby's name, one popular thought on social media is that the name is a metaphor for Kylie's life, comparing her nine month hiatus from social media as 'a calm before the storm.'

Dream Renee' Kardashian


According to sources, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna had planned the name Dream for a pretty long time. They named their little baby girl Dream because according to them she "is a dream come true". Isn't that just adorable? Dream shares her middle name with her mom Blac Chyna, who's real name is Angela Renee' White.