Please Enjoy This Video of Priyanka Chopra Legit Falling Down the Stairs Into Nick Jonas

He caught her! It was cute!

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  • This weekend, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas played a surprise show at a Penn State University bar.
  • Priyanka Chopra was there, and a fan posted a video of her falling down the stairs. It’s actually pretty adorable.

At some point in every woman and/or high-heel-wearing-person’s life, they fall down a set of stairs while wearing said heels. If they’re lucky, no one notices, but if they’re Priyanka Chopra and they do it in front of a bar full of people...they probably won’t be so lucky.

This past weekend, Priyanka was with her husband, Nick Jonas, at a bar at Penn State University. He was there to play a surprise show, and when they entered the bar, she legit fell in her heels down the bar’s steps. Thankfully, Nick caught her before she could actually hit butt-to-stairs-level contact.

This video is important for many reasons, but the main one is that Priyanka handled this fall like a damn champ. First, she immediately grabbed Nick’s arm for support. Second, she made a very adorable “Ope!” face while falling. Third, she laughed about it after the recovery. Major points. That’s about as well as you could handle that.



Like, how can someone actually make falling down the stairs look cute? It’s seriously impressive. Shout-out to Nick for the obvious death grip he has on Priyanka’s hand during the stairs descent. Your #MCM could literally never.

FYI, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas were also at this bar. The six of them took a private jet to Penn State together, and they Instagrammed this adorable picture once they got there. Apparently they’re calling themselves the #Jonai now??? Fully support it.




There’s also this video of Priyanka waving a bra around at a JoBros concert last week, as one does. I think she officially wins Wife of the Year?