Your Horoscope for the Week of April 15

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.

It’s a Mars- and Venus-ruled week! Up first, on Monday, is Mercury's move into Mars-ruled Aries, helping the zodiac get very clear about who and what our desires and dreams are. On Friday, the second full moon in Venus-ruled Libra inspires more compromise and romance in our relationships. Saturday begins Taurus season, giving us the earthly stability we need, and Venus enters Aries on the same day.


Happy birthday, Aries! The universe’s gift to you is brilliant thinking and speaking when Mercury enters Aries on Monday. Friday’s full moon in your romantic zone could bring the romance of your dreams. Taurus season begins on Saturday, helping you feel grounded when it comes to values and money, and then Venus moves into your sign, making you totally irresistible.


Grab the dream journal, Taurus! Mercury moves into your intuition sector on Monday. On Friday, a full moon helps you find the right tools to improve your health and wellness, and the universe helps realize your goals when Taurus season begins on Saturday. The next day, Venus enters your closure zone, healing you from past relationships.


Take it to the streets, Gemini! Mercury enters your activism zone on Monday, helping you fight for a cause. Friday’s full moon inspires you to tell the story of your heart to someone who needs to hear it, and a social sabbatical begins on Sunday thanks to Taurus season. Do you! Venus moves into your friendship sector on Sunday, blurring the boundaries between love and friends.


Ready for liftoff, Cancer? Mercury joins your career zone on Monday, helping you fight for and receive what you deserve on the job. Friday’s full moon is a sensitive one in your emotional sector, while Saturday’s start to Taurus season connects you to your most supportive friends. Then, on Sunday, Venus brings you helpful professional mentors.


The glass is half full, Leo! Mercury moves into your optimism zone on Monday, helping you think more joyfully, and Friday's full moon inspires you to negotiate and compromise in areas where you’ve been rigid. Hustle for success at work—and receive it!—when Taurus season begins. Venus also enters your diverse love-affair sector—are you ready for an international lover?


Get intimate, Virgo—Mercury enters your innermost world on Monday, helping you share the deepest parts of yourself. A full moon on Friday in your financial sector gives you more money, and Taurus season inspires travel and education. Venus moves into your sexuality zone on Sunday, making for a steamy spring.


Communicate, Libra! Mercury’s move on Monday promotes more negotiation. Friday’s full moon in your sign gives you a cosmic reset, inspiring newness or completion. Taurus season begins on Saturday and deepens your partnerships, while Venus’ move on Sunday fosters even more compromise within them.


What does "mindful" mean to you, Scorpio? Mercury’s switch on Monday encourages calm introspection, and a full moon in your closure sector on Friday inspires you to let go of the past. Saturday’s start to Taurus season opens the door to romance and relationship joy. The next day, Venus gets your health routine into tip-top shape!


You’re so brave, Sagittarius! Mercury slides into your candor zone, helping you stay courageous and honest, and a full moon in your friendship sector on Friday inspires a social weekend. Come Sunday, you'll be focused on your personal health thanks to the start of Taurus season. Also on Sunday, Venus enters your happiness and creativity arena, making you a creative genius!


Let’s get emotionally intelligent, Capricorn! Mercury enters your emotional zone on Monday, helping you be open about your sensitivities. A career change lights up Friday’s skies thanks to the full moon, and Taurus season gives you a boost of confidence and joy from your success. Venus’ move on Sunday inspires you to align yourself with tender and sensitive suitors.


So curious, Aquarius! On Monday, Mercury ignites an energy that fosters learning and an improvement in your verbal skills. Friday’s full moon gives you a wonderful rush of optimism and happiness, and Taurus season makes you think differently about home and family on Saturday. Finally, Venus’ move on Sunday gravitates you toward intellectual types who keep you mentally active.


What do you value, Pisces? Mercury’s move on Monday helps you think about your values more deeply. A sexy full moon on Friday motivates you to partner up with suitors who care about the same ideas you do, and then, Taurus season’s start on Saturday is making you very chatty! Venus’ enters your sexuality zone on Sunday, making this spring unforgettable.