Kim Kardashian Shares Topless Picture on Instagram to Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary With Kanye West

It's getting hot in here...

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to naked pictures. In fact, the reality star is absolutely fearless when it comes to sharing ~revealing~ shots, and that's part of why we love her so much. So it's only fitting that, to celebrate her upcoming five-year wedding anniversary with Kanye West, Kim took a bridal-inspired topless picture to send her bae.

Kim shared the mega hot photo on Instagram, standing next to a white rose wall (reminiscent of the one at her wedding) wearing nothing but her iconic oval-cut engagement ring.

Check it out:


True to Kardashian form, the post also took a second to plug Kim's new (and possibly bridal-inspired?) beauty line, Mrs. West Collection, because these gal sure knows how to hustle.

"My new @kkwbeauty Mrs. West Collection is made up of versatile & pigmented shades that you can create the most beautiful glam looks for all occasions," wrote the star. "Launching on KKWBEAUTY.COM on my 5 year wedding anniversary on Friday, 05.24 at 12PM PST".

Kim then went on to share another throwback photo from their wedding day, showing the (then) newlywed couple straight after the ceremony. Kanye is pictured wearing a classic black tuxedo finished with a bow tie - CUTE! - while Kim wore her fitted ivory wedding dress with sheer lace panels around the waist and arms. The look was then effortlessly finished off with a truly massive veil:


Ugh, everything about this wedding was HEAVEN.

"5 years and 4 kids ✨ life couldn’t be better! *anniversary coming so soon*" wrote the star.

Here's hoping Kim continues posting adorable throwback shots over the next week in the run up to her wedding...