5 Mind-Blowing Royal Style Hacks

Follow these easy steps to look just like Megan and Kate😎.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

1. Wearing a low bun to avoid hair dents.

There’s speculation that Meg’s signature loose hairstyle serves another purpose: she can easily unpin it at night, and avoid those annoying, unwanted bumps.


Princess Diana


2. Using a clutch to conceal cleavage.

Princess Diana whipped out this clever move to prevent nosy -photographers from snapping revealing pics.


Kate Middleton

Dress Downs

3. Hiding weights in their hems.

Stewart Parvin, one of Queen Elizabeth II’s couturiers, says he sews them into HRH’s clothes to prevent unfortunate wind-related wardrobe malfunctions.




4. Buying their shoes a size too big.

‘What blisters?’—Meg, when she wears roomy heels that don’t rub her skin.



5. Sneaking out in a bodysuit instead of a blouse.

The Duchess of Sussex is very busy and doesn’t have time to tuck in her tops, TYVM. Enter: this number that stays the hell in place.