Here's How All Your Fave American Celebs Spent Fourth of July

We need to discuss Tyga's outfit.

  • A bunch of celebrities took it to Instagram with their Fourth of July 2019 photos and we rounded them all up.
  • Note: an alarming number of people dressed up as literal flags, so get ready.

If you spent Fourth of July watching fireworks, wearing questionably hideous-yet-patriotic flag attire, and grilling burgers, congrats: so did all your fave celebs. Truly, the number of celebrities who dressed in red, white, and blue outfits this year was impressive and in some cases alarming (looking at your outfit, Tyga), and we've done our patriotic duty and rounded them up.

First, we have Ariana Grande "dressed" as an astronaut holding an American flag. Honestly, love it.



Meanwhile, J.Lo chilled with A-Rod and their fam:





The Jonas Brothers posted a bunch of FOMO-inducing throwbacks:






Kristin Cavallari felt the need to wear these overalls:




Chrissy and John celebrated in Italy:




Snooki's bb got into the spirit of things:




Reese Witherspoon found some props:




Lil Nas X remained a living legend and took his stuffed pony to the Old Town Road:




Gwen Stefani made Blake Shelton pose next to this enormous flagpole:




Bella Thorne chilled in a bikini:




Pink posted a pic from vacation:




Drew Barrymore wrapped herself in a literal flag:




Ryan Seacrest remained completely extra:




Jessica Biel wore a flag fanny pack:




Paris Hilton was all "patriotism but make it fashion:"




And finally, Tyga. Just...no words: