Twitter Is Pissed About Kylie Jenner's Insane Shoe Closet

...Are those bedazzled shower shoes?

  • Kylie Jenner showed her Instagram followers how insane her shoe collection and closet is.
  • Twitter is upset because of how much money she has.

Whether you agree with Kylie Jenner being a "self-made" billionaire or not, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is unbelievably rich and blows her money however the hell she wants to. Kylie just got back from the longest birthday vacation in Italy and now she's giving everyone a little glimpse at her insane shoe collection.

Kylie took to her Instagram Stories to show everyone all the new shoes she just bought and highlight the rows and rows and rows of other designer footwear she has at her disposal. There were glorified bejeweled shower shoes from Gucci that cost $1,250, some Versace flip flops, and red Balenciaga heels that go for $995. I'm no mathematician, but I'm going to make an educated guess and say her shoe closet is probably worth more money than a four years worth of tuition at a private college.

Predictably, Twitter is pissed that she would flaunt how much money she has in this way, especially when the Amazon rainforest is on fire and there are so many humanitarian issues in the world that could be softened if more people donated to worthy causes. That's not to say Kylie doesn't already do that, BTW! People are just saying she could definitely do more if this is what she's spending the rest of her money on.

Critics who have been keeping up with Kylie's lifestyle tweeted things like:

"Kylie Jenner be like buying her 673838th pair of gucci shoes meanwhile amazon forest is BURNING. Girlie has tons of money and tons of followers, she could at least post something to her ig story&raise awareness. @KylieJenner"
"I luv the kardashians n all but no-one needs this many shoes the earth is dyin pls donate instead @KylieJenner."
"#JennersGreedyLittleGirls there are kids with no shoes."
"I’m pretty sure kylie can save the amazonia w 10% of her earnings but she to busy shoe shopping and shit."

Yikes! As of now, Kylie hasn't responded.