Meet 7 Celebrities and Influencers Who Have Joined the #FreeYourLips Movement

This campaign is celebrating women’s rights to speak freely and step-up to the world.

What does freedom truly mean to you? Have you ever been judged for wearing too much make-up, worried about how people will react to the way you dress, felt unsafe at night or felt the need to justify or hide your life’s choices? If yes, you are not alone. Watch the video below to find out more. 


Lakmé is launching campaign for their lightest matte ever - Lakmé Absolute Matte Revolution, asking women to focus on the weight of their words and not on their lips. This campaign called #FreeYourLips celebrates women who have broken the conventional norms of society by standing up for themselves. This inspiring campaign urges women in India to speak up and free their lips, applauding women who haven’t held themselves back from speaking their minds and voicing their opinion.


Joining this movement are model Shibani Dandekar, designer Monica Dogra, fashion and beauty influencer Debasree Banerjee, model Sonalika Sahay, beauty influencer Ankita Chaturvedi, fashion blogger Samidha Singh and comedian Mallika Dua. Here’s what they have to say about the meaning of the freedom and what it means to be free.


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Ladies, it’s 2019, and it’s about time we exercised our right to be free. To join the movement, use the hashtag #FreeYourLips and let us know what the line FreeYourLips means to you.