The Riverdale Season 4 Trailer Has Dropped And We’re Excited!

A Halloween make out session awaits.

The latest season of CW series Riverdale airs this week, so naturally, they’ve given us something to drool over while we wait.

Season 3 left us reeling, desperately searching for answers, and the trailer for season 4 is finally leading us to closure.

Prepare to get a little familiar with YouTube’s pause function, you’ll be needing that bad boy as the clip clocks in at a generous 2 minutes, 39 seconds.

Here’s what appears to be going down:

There is, quite simply, a topless car wash fundraiser starring the absolutely radiant Archie, Mad Dog, and Reggie.

It is the hallowed month of October, the trailer teases the upcoming Halloween episode. Cheryl appears as a botanical, femme fatale dream in Poison Ivy gear and Toni is at her bad girl best as Harley Quinn.

These flashes of fancy dress do give us some Halloween costume inspo, however, we're already dressing up as the entire Riverdale cast this year.

But it’s not all sexy. As we’d expected, the trailer points to the death of Fred Andrews and we're left to wonder how Archie will cope with the devastating loss of his dad.

Fred was played by Luke Perry, who sadly passed away from a stroke in March this year.

There’s also a part where Betty is searching for her mum, who seems to have disappeared. Plus there's a peek of Betty and Alice Cooper who are swinging around some fierce-looking handguns.

In true Riverdale junkie style, Twitter is alight with viewers experiencing the full gamut of fan emotion.





Get ready to stream the new season of Riverdale on Thursday, October 10 from 8 am on Netflix.