10 Questions We Have About Justin and Hailey Bieber’s House

He just posted 12 pics of the interior and there’s a LOT to discuss.

Last night, for some reason no one can really explain, Justin Bieber posted 12 different photos of the inside of his house. Aside from being a plain old odd thing to do, the pics raised some very important questions about the newly married Biebers’ humble abode. Here are the most pressing ones:

1. First, the skateboards. Does Justin actually skateboard?

Does Hailey? Are these still an appropriate form of decor if you are 25 and 22 years old? And married? And also posting Instagrams about having kids?



Kylie Jenner has a full chair of them in her house, which makes me think I’m not cool or rich enough to get the appeal, but...what ARE they? Are they standing in a pile of their own stuffing? Their own guts?! There’s no way Hailey walks around this house being like, “Yeah, this is fine.”



Omg, it really is. That’s a painting of a hotel slipper.


4. Why are there MORE little dudes?

Do Justin and Hailey ever worry they’re going to come alive in the middle of the night and attack them? Or, better question, do the multiple animals they have in their house ever try to use them as chew toys?


5. Is that...a Drew House Lego?

I don’t think I have anything else to add here except for...why?


6. An arcade game?

Seriously, guys? Does a 15-year-old live here?


7. Is that a wine cellar?!

Hm, okay, maybe this place is growing on us.


8. Where was Hailey when all these pictures were being taken?

I imagine her just hanging out in bed, probably asleep, letting Justin do Justin while she gets her beauty rest. She IS a model, after all.


9. Are those bottles of water, just sitting on their coffee table?

Waiting for them to drink? LIKE A HOTEL? Rich people, man.


10. And finally, is that a picture of them making out?

In bigger than life-size? On their wall? In black and white? In this meditation-esque room? With more water bottles at the ready?? I...don’t know what to say.




In conclusion, @ Justin and Hailey, we need some answers. Thanks.