"If I Am Stressed or Sad, the Only Way to Cheer Me Up is By Putting Me in Front of the Camera”: Janhvi Kapoor

The actor speaks to Cosmo Editor Nandini Bhalla about films, her intolerance towards complacency and why she feels the most alive in front of the camera. 

Just over a year into Bollywood, Janhvi Kapoor is busy learning and unlearning the ropes of the business, while also exploring life and its many intricacies. She is the kind of person who doesn't tolerate arrogance or complacency. But especially complacency.

“I can understand and forgive anything and everything,” she explains. Her voice has a sweet, almost-drawl quality to it. “But I simply can’t fathom why someone would be lazy, you know?”


Ask if she is a morning person and she says, “I’ve never been an early riser, but now I have become one. Suddenly, I have too many things to do in the day, so I have no option but to start my day super-early.”


Some of the many things keeping Janhvi busy right now are Dinesh Vijan’s horror comedy, Roohi Afza, where Janhvi will play a double role; Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, biopic of the former Indian Air Force pilot; and Zoya Akhtar’s Netflix series, Ghost Stories. “Oh, and I have also begun prepping for Dostana 2, which we will start shooting in the next few days,” Janhvi informs.


That sounds remarkably overwhelming. But Janhvi assures she wouldn’t have it any other way. “I really find it exciting!” she declares, tossing back her wavy hair. “You know, people around me, like my dad, are always telling me that I enjoy making things more hectic than they need to be. But I truly enjoy it when my plate is completely full, because it just energises and excites me. Like, I think I am constantly learning and growing, and I feel like it is criminal for me to be complacent even for a minute. Like, why should I waste even one minute at this point in my life? I feel like I need to utilise every second, learn, take in as much as I can, and do as much as I can!”

Janhvi reveals that she is “constantly questioning and evaluating”.


“I ask myself whether I am pushing myself enough, if I am doing enough, if I am enough. I don’t think that it is a negative thing at all. But I don’t think I am ever truly content.”

She pauses, possibly reviewing what she has just said, then continues: “I hope I never feel satisfied. Because there is so much to learn and there is so much scope for growth. I don’t think I ever want to be satisfied. My appetite is too big.”


Work is her ‘happy place’. “If I’m stressed or sad, the only way to cheer me up is by putting me in front of the camera,” she says. “A couple of days after I wrapped up a shoot, I had a couple of days off. And, for some reason, I was feeling really low. Then I remembered I was going to be shooting an ad-film soon, so I just kept counting the days until then because it gives me such a high to be in front of the camera.”


Janhvi with a visible enthusiasm chirps,“There is an adrenaline rush, I don’t know what hormones get released in my brain,” she declares, “but I am the happiest and most alive and feel my most confident when I’m working. So yeah, work cheers me up, seeing good work cheers me up. Good films inspire me, and they consume me!”