"I Feel Like I Am a Very Impulsive Person, And I Don’t Have Much of a Filter": Janhvi Kapoor

In an exclusive interview with Cosmo Editor Nandini Bhalla, the actor talks about her equation with Ishaan Khatter and the wildest thing she has ever done. 

Just over a year into Bollywood, Janhvi Kapoor is busy learning and unlearning the ropes of the business, while also exploring life and its many intricacies.

In this journey, the people she is closest to are extremely protective about her and treat her “like a baby”. “My manager is more my best friend than my manager. She keeps saying things like: ‘I am your babysitter!’. And Tanvi, my make-up artist, is like family now, and they keep saying, ‘We are your nannies!’.” Not that Janhvi minds, one bit.


“I enjoy being pampered. I feel like I am a very impulsive person, and I don’t have much of a filter. I don’t know how to say it, but I think I am quite childish. Even my dad says that I am too naïve and too gullible. And I think most people around me feel that way, so they are automatically protective about me.”


Janhvi pauses for a second. She has just remembered something. “Where are my aloo paranthas?” she asks the spot boy. We are informed that they will arrive in a few minutes. “I really love my aloo paranthas, you guys, I eat them for breakfast every single day!” she explains to a somewhat amused crew.


Morning-meal matters taken care of, Janhvi returns to the interview...for the last question for the day. Is she tired of being asked about her alleged relationship with actor Ishaan Khattar? “I find it entertaining, to be honest,” she giggles. “The thing is, we get along great. There are very few people in this world with whom I get along as well as I do with him. We fight an awful lot, but we are best friends. And that’s really all there is to it...”               





The Cosmo Quiz…


1) The one thing that I’m totally hopeless at...Maths!

2) A quality I find most unforgivable in a person...There are three, actually: bitterness, malice, and frustration.

3) An Instagram account I am absolutely obsessed with…The Avocado Show
[@theavocadoshow]. They show different dishes made out of avocados. I’m obsessed with avocados!

4) The wildest thing I’ve ever done...I hope my dad doesn’t read this interview! Two of them are illegal for sure. The third is that I was in LA once, and told my parents I was going to watch a film, but actually took a flight with my friends to Vegas and spent the night there! My mom and dad never found out.

5) Never have I ever…lied about how I feel.

6) The one fashion designer I think creates absolute magic...Manish [Malhotra] uncle. I call him M.

7) I swear that I’d never: a) get into a fist-fight b) cry in public c) break up with somebody over a text message...I’d do all three, TBH.

8) One classic film I really wish they’d remake...Pakeezah. Maybe make it shorter, but cast me!