#CosmoTravels Prateek Kuhad Tells You the Must-Visit Musical Destination For Your Wanderlust List

Sun, sea, skylines, seafood and more! The musician shares all about Los Angeles

Dreaming of sunshine in the depth of winter? Well, you may want to get inspired by one of the cities on musician Prateek Kuhad’s wanderlust list.

Los Angeles!

The city with the Hollywood sign and a rich rock n’ roll history – LA has been quite a creative sojourn for Prateek. Here’s what he told Cosmo about the city of angels:

Cosmo: Are there particular places that inspire you in LA?

Prateek Kuhad: There are no particular things but I think LA just has a very nice and easy vibe. For me, for writing music LA is definitely THE place. It’s a greathub for song writers and producers. The city is chilled, you have beaches, amazing weather. You can go to hangout and relax which is what I did. It’s just a very conducive, ideal environment.

Prateek Kuhad

Cosmo: Did your discover any artists in the city?

PK: There’s a lot of songwriting that happens in LA and people seem to be working on music all the time. I wrote like twenty songs in LA when I was there for a month. I became a fan of Adam Melchor after listening to his music online. He’s got a song called Real Estate, which is pretty popular. We didn’t really record or play together because our schedules didn’t align but hopefully we will when I visit LA again.

Cosmo: So which song of yours do you think describes the city LA?

PK: If I had to pick up one then it’d be With You/For You. Not only because the music video was shot there but when you asked me this question, that song was the first to come in my head.

Cosmo: Any must-visit place you would like to suggest?

PK: Venice, a beach town in LA! I lived there when I was in the city and it was like a beautiful neighbourhood right next to the beach. You could walk to the beach or the nearby stores, bars and restaurants to hangout. It’s just a beautiful part of the city. I must say that not all of LA is nice like if you go to North Hollywood. It is a massive, huge city and so you really need to know which neighborhood to go in. But if you are going just to hang out, then be in Venice for sure.