"I Can Predict How 2020 Will Turn Out For You"

Cosmo Ed Nandini Bhalla shares 11 questions and good-for-you habits to help you be happier in the New Year. 

Modification: I can’t quite prophesize that you’ll meet a dashing dude in May or sip wine in Positano in October, but I can reveal if you’ll be happier in the New Year. How? Well, based on how you’ve spent the last 365 days. To know your future, go through the series of good-for-you habits ahead, and confirm if they are already a part of your life. The more yesses you reply with, the more fulfilled you will feel next year. And if you end up with several nays, that’s okay, because the science-backed pointers below can be put into action immediately, to ensure your year is a wonderful one. Ready? Answer the following statements with a yes or no...


1. I Practice Gratitude Daily
When you’re thankful for the good in your life, you feel more positive. Which makes people want to hang with you. Which means you’ll be less stressed and surrounded by more friends.
2. I’ve Taken Up a New Hobby
Studies prove that people with hobbies tend to be happier and have lower heart rates. Plus, having a favourite pastime improves your thinking and problem-solving abilities. 

3. I’ve Been Consistent With Exercise
Those exercise-induced endorphins, they’ll give you a high without the hangover. Studies prove that regular exercise—even just once a week for 10 minutes—boosts mood and helps reduce symptoms of depression.
4. I’ve Become Nutrient Conscious Mom was right:
a balanced meal really is the secret to a better life. When you eat healthier, you feel more energetic, mentally sharper, and your skin is glowier (a critical reason to smile, you’ll agree).

5. I Care Less About What People Think
An approval addiction hurts your self-esteem. Sure, care about the opinions of those who truly matter, but not the judgements of strangers, acquaintances, that friend from high school, or randos on the Internet.
6. I’ve Let Go of Perfection
Do have a desire to excel and do your best; don’t set unrealistic standards that will lead to feelings of inadequacy.
7. I’ve Been Giving Back
According to several studies, giving money or help makes us far happier
than receiving.
8. I Have Fun Plans for April 2020

Scheduling joy or fun activities in the future means you’ll always have something to look forward to.
9. I Can Say No Without Guilt
Your time is important, you can’t do it all. Saying no to things you don’t enjoy or don’t have the time for means you’re left with hours to focus on the important stuff. PS: according to science, people pleasers are more anxious than those who simply say no to events or opportunities they don’t want to indulge in. 
10. I’m Not an Insta Addict
An obsession with your newsfeed can make you depressed. Limit your social media time and when you do swipe, remember that not everything you see on your feed is real. While you’re at it, follow some motivational accounts to make your browsing work harder for you.
11. I’ve Ditched the Energy Vampires
People who drain you, who make you feel bad about yourself, who hold you back from your true potential. This also includes unfollowing any accounts on social media, that make you feel bad about your life.

Have a Happy New Year!