#CosmoExclusive: 5 Minutes With Shama Sikander

From latest additions to her wanderlust list for 2020 to how to get the PERFECT lip colour, the actor spills the tea.

Cosmo: What’s the next destination on your travel list for 2020? 

Shama Sikander: I haven’t made that list yet but I do want to go to New Zealand, for sure! I absolutely want to go to more parts of Indonesia, Vietnam and undiscovered parts of Italy.  I have mostly covered all the beautiful parts of Europe but do want to visit anything that I may have missed out on. 

Cosmo: What are the 5 products that you NEVER travel without? 

SS: Depending on the weather of the place I'm visiting, I like to carry proper skincare products. And, of course, my medicines! I don’t like travelling without them and I take extra along too because it's not cool to fall sick in strange countries because they have their own rules, you need to have travel insurance and whatnots. I always carry my swimwear too because I like to swim. And my hair products!

shama sikander

Cosmo: What's your favourite lipstick shade?

SS: I mix and match all of my lipstick shades. I just like my lipsticks to blend well and I never use just one colour because that is so boring. So, I mix two or three colours to make my own shade whatever suits my mood or clothes at that time. Some of my favourite shades to mix are MAC Ruby Red and Faux Satin.

Cosmo: What are your beauty resolutions for 2020?

SS: Wow, I never thought about that!  But I do want to concentrate on my health in 2020. I want to be absolutely healthy and get really good skin by keeping my system clean so that I don’t even need to apply makeup! Last year, I had a lot of breakouts and I ended up applying more makeup than I usually do. Even though I like makeup because I love creating art and it's like I am painting my face, but I would definitely like to spend less time getting ready. I would like to feel healthy from inside and stick to a more vegetarian diet this year.

shama sikander

Cosmo: What is your fitness mantra to keep in shape? 

SS: I always give due importance to my fitness regime. On days that I don’t workout, I just don’t feel right. The key is to not force anything and go with the flow. When it's not forced, that makes it rather enjoyable. 
I have learnt the hard way that we exercise only on the superficial parts of our body. Over the last few years, I’ve faced so many injuries and I got to know about so many smaller muscles in our body that require strengthening from time to time. So, try training your smaller muscles too and keep up the strength.

You can do a lot of resistance band exercises at home. Also,  strengthen your core and do cardio! It really enhances your metabolism and energy.