“I Generally Gravitate Towards Fresh Scents—And Absolutely Detest Anything Overpowering”: Janhvi Kapoor

Cosmo caught up with Janhvi K, the Global Ambassador for United Colors of Benetton (UCB) Fragrances, on the scents she can’t get enough of, women she looks up to, and more.

Cosmo: So, what does beauty mean to you?

Janhvi Kapoor: “While I feel there’s no one correct definition of beauty, to me, it means being comfortable and confident about who you are.”


C: You’re the Global Ambassador for Benetton Perfumes; what do you like most about their scents?

JK: “I really like how Benetton has taken their belief in inclusivity and created the United Dreams Together range. UCB has always spoken about accepting people from different cultures, and this philosophy of theirs has come alive in scent form with such varied notes coming together.”


C: What kind of fragrances do you like?

JK: “I generally gravitate towards fresh scents—and absolutely detest anything overpowering.”


C: And what kind of scents do you like your man to wear?

JK: “I really like it when a little bit of your scent rubs off on them, and mixes with theirs...”


C: Is there a drugstore product that you swear by...

JK: “I’m addicted to the Nykaa Lip Crush Macaron
Lip Balms.”


C: ...and a luxury beauty product you can’t help but splurge on?

JK: “I make sure I always splurge on a really good moisturiser and sunscreen—the two mains in my beauty bag.”


C: On days you’re not feeling your best, how do you keep yourself motivated?

JK: “By sweating it out in the gym.”


C: Who’s the one celebrity you look
up to?

JK: “Kareena [Kapoor Khan], because she’s so comfortable in her skin and not afraid to be unabashedly herself.”


C: If you had only five minutes to do your make-up, you would...

JK: “...go with a bare face and swipe on blue eyeliner.”