Sara Ali Khan is Bringing Eighties Street-Style Back

Retro kicks are in! Here are a few of the styles we are loving RN

Ah, the Eighties! A time when Madonna was the queen of pop, big hair was all the rage, neon-colours were worn by just about everyone and aerobics were the go-to work out. Jane Fonda brought us some of our first athleisure looks with her spandex-clad workout videos via VHS tapes (hello Flashdance-era legwarmers!). In the streets, bright colours, tracksuits and super cool retro-sneakers were transforming street-style trends as we know them today.


Sportswear brand Puma along with their brand-ambassador Sara Ali Khan are serving up some #Major Eighties nostalgia with their new Rider Play On collection. It's playful yet futuristic aesthetic is a 2020 update on classic 80s street-style. here are some of the colourful, retro-inspired kicks and tracksuits from the collection that we are loving RN.


1) Future Rider Play On Sneaker.


2) Future Rider Play On Sneaker.


3) TFS OG Track Jacket.


3) TFS OG Track Pants.




5) TFS OG Retro Track Jacket.


6)  TFS OG Retro Pants.