Sara Ali Khan: "No one has a formula for perfection...You need to be "You"."

In an exclusive interview, actor and Puma's brand ambassador Sara Ali Khan talks about embracing her strengths and drawbacks, breaking stereotypes and pursuing her goals.

Actor Sara Ali Khan has always been in the news for all the right reasons—noteworthy performances, sartorial choices, her workouts and for speaking her mind. A millennial icon, Sara is also the ambassador of the sports brand Puma and a part of their “Propah Lady” campaign, which sets out to break stereotypes and gender biases. The actor who strongly identifies with women rewriting societal norms, tells Cosmo India in an exclusive interview why self love is important and why women need to embrace their individuality. She also gives us a sneak peek into her workout and beauty routine. 

Cosmo: You have never shied away from smashing stereotypes, be it talking about your family or your journey so far in Bollywood. Are there any tips from your self-love guide that you want to share with us?

Sara Ali Khan:
“Smashing stereotypes isn’t a conscious attempt. It’s just a genuine endeavour to be who I am honestly. I feel as women it’s essential to remove the need for external validation and instead focus on empowering each other. We need to judge ourselves less, that is the only way to be.”


Cosmo: As a “Propah Lady," what has been your breakthrough moment?

SAK: “My breakthrough moment was when I realised that no one has a formula for perfection or a check list for appropriate behaviour. Therefore, adhering to external pressures and norms is a betrayal of our own identity. You need to be “You” and not like anyone else.”

Cosmo: What is your biggest strength?

SAK: “The mental capacity to not adhere to societal norms and the ability to unapologetically pursue my goals.”


Cosmo: How do you see the position of women in the society change in the coming 10 years?

SAK: “Irrespective of time and place, today’s woman stands up for herself, speaks her mind, sets her own standards and charts her own path. I only hope to see this woman empowerment solidify further in the coming years. And I truly pray for a society wherein women embrace and celebrate their strengths both individually and collectively.”

Cosmo: What is your quarantine fitness routine like?

SAK: “During quarantine especially I really look forward to my workouts, as sometimes it’s the most productive hour of my day! I like to change up my workouts so I do some weights, some virtual Pilates with Namrata (Purohit) and some fun boot camp style workouts with my brother. I’m not following any specific diet but I’m trying to control my portion sizes!”


Cosmo: Tell us about the beauty routine you follow

SAK: “There are three important things that I believe in— good nutrition, hydration and proper sleep.”

Cosmo: One make-up tip that your swear by...

SAK: “Less is more. Least is best.”

Cosmo: What’s one advice you want to give to your younger self and to other young women who want to be like you?

SAK: “Always be yourself. Be original, authentic and honest. It’s the only thing that matters.”