Sonam K Ahuja Wants You to Know these 9 Inspiring Women

Conveying the message that nothing is impossible, the actor shares the stories of 9 women, from stuntwoman 'Fearless Nadia' to painter Amrita Sher-Gil, who have made a difference in the worlds of Indian art, culture and cinema.

Actor Sonam K Ahuja has been known to use her Instagram account to support causes she believes in an effort to inspire change. Having advocated LGBTQI+ rights in the past, Sonam's latest endeavour comes as a series of inspiring, feminist posts, applauding women who have made a difference in the worlds of art,culture and cinema in India. Conveying the message that nothing is impossible, Sonam took to social media and spoke about the women who have motivated many with their individual contributions and journeys. Here are her posts honouring 9 special women below: 

1. Fatma Begum: The first female director and studio owner in Indian cinema. 


2. Mary Ann Evans aka 'Fearless Nadia': Actor and stuntwoman


3. Amrita Sher-Gil: Artist 


4. Nandini Shrikent: Casting Director



5. Zarina Hashmi: Artist 


6. Uma Devi Khatri aka 'Tun Tun': Hindi cinema's first female comedienne


7.Dayanita Singh: Photographer


8. Aashrita Kamath: Production designer and art director


9. Saraswatibai Phalke: Editor (The only lady behind India's first film)