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Meet the Web Series Star Abhishek Banerjee

From mimicking Rajnikanth to joining Amitabh Bachchan's college...get up close with actor Abhishek Banerjee.

The digital world is arguably in its most-loved-yet phase right now, with various streaming platforms capturing the imagination of the audience like never before! This striking shift in the consumption of entertainment has not just birthed an unprecedented domination of the digi-landscape, with several addictive shows to boast, it has also led to the rise (and rise!) of a melange of web superstars!

In an ode to the changing trends, Cosmo gets talking to some of these new-age stars, on how they started out, their journey so far, and why this supremely-talented bunch needs to be on your watch list right now!  

Abhishek Banerjee
Last Seen In: Paatal Lok (Amazon Prime)


“My dad was posted in Chennai in the ‘90s, and that’s where I was introduced to Rajnikant’s films! I watched all of them, and would mimic him all the time—I even started speaking fluent Tamil in the process! My parents were Amitabh Bachchan fans. So later, I started watching his films, and, this time, I truly fell in love! I ended up watching some of them as many as 20 times, and aspired to be like him! By Class XI, sports and studies had taken a complete back seat. Once, my math teacher taunted me, saying, ‘You’re only good at this, you should probably just do this’. That remark stuck with me! I had just watched Lakshya, and there was a line in it, ‘Agar ghaas kaatne wale bano toh achha ghaas kaatne wale bano’. So I decided I will pursue my passion. I joined my hero Mr Bachchan’s college, Kirori Mal College (Delhi University), and joined their famous theatre society that even he had been a part of. That’s where my grooming began. And eventually, from plays in college, to some short films in Mumbai, to small roles in big films, and finally some good work, after some odd jobs, and a few rejections...I became an actor!”