Bhumi Pednekar Shares Her Makeup Routine For Each Day of the Week

The actor shares 7 stunning makeup looks—one for each day of the week—that are absolutely perfect for desk-to-drink days, as well as glam weekends!

Have you run out of fresh, glamorous makeup looks to try? Not to worry, Bhumi Pednekar has got your back. Over the span of the last few months—most of which have been spent cooped up at home—the actor took to social media to share her go-to makeup routine with her followers. From spooky Halloween inspo to stunning 'no-makeup' makeup looks, here's a drool-worthy look for every day of the week.




There's absolutely no shame in wanting to glam up at home—especially since we've been homebound in our PJ's ever since. To kickstart the week on a fabulous note, along with beating the Monday blues, Bhumi shares a nude makeup look that strikes the perfect balance between subtle and sexy. 





Now that you've slid into the week, why not spice things up a bit? Opt for a brown-hued lip gloss or lip stain and curl your lashes with a voluminous mascara. Take a cue from the actor.





Yes, on Wednesday's we wear pink. Add a dash of pink shimmer to your lids and do a winged liner to give your eyes more dimension. Dab on some highlighter and complete the look with a shiny coat of gloss, topped up with a blush pink lipstick. 




Bhumi seems to be in love with a natural, nude look—and so are we! Recovering from Wednesday's glam, step into Thursday with yet another nude makeup look. 





#FreakyFridaysFTW! You can now smell the weekend and leave the hectic week behind—this calls for experimentation. Draw inspiration from Bhumi Pednekar's spooky yet sassy makeup look. The web seems to be in love with it (pun intended). 





It's a Saturday night, and Saturdays are synonymous with glamming up. Bhumi seems to be doing exactly that—with some remarkable face art to add a touch of fun! 






Monday blues kicking in again? Here's a quickie dewy, fresh look to end the week on a great note.