Aditya Roy Kapoor: “I have Learnt to Embrace the Uncertainty that Comes with Being an Actor”

Cosmo India talks to the actor about films and other subjects, the more noteworthy minutiae of Aditya's famous-but-discreet life come tumbling out, as he gets candid about work, his not-so-well-documented skills off the camera, why he likes to dress as if it is still 2005, and more...

Cosmo: The last time we spoke, in February, you were “single and chilling”. What’s new on that front? 

Aditya Roy Kapoor: “[Laughs] Nothing new, I’m still both those things!”

C: What kind of a friend does Aditya Roy Kapur make? 

ARK: “I guess I try to be as good a friend as I can be. My school friends are still my best and closest friends. I’ve known them for donkey’s years and they’ve become family now!” 

C: And what kind of a partner do you make? 

ARK: “These are questions with bottomless pits [laughs]. I’ve been told both good and bad things around this subject, but I only agree with the good! One thing I do know, though, is that I can get better at giving gifts. Not that I’m a stingy miser or anything, I’m just very forgetful...about birthdays, anniversaries, etc. And it’s not just as a partner; even as a friend, I forget days and dates!”

Aditya Roy Kapoor

Aditya Roy Kapoor

C: You’re the youngest of three brothers, and grew up in a family of artists. Tell us a little about your growing up years. 

ARK: “I’m much younger than my brothers—there's a gap of six and 11 years between us. They say I am a pampered brat, but I don’t think so. But I was a very tough kid to handle—I just wanted to play sports or watch cartoons all day, and never study. I was a pro at skipping school! 

But performing arts were a big part of my life. My mom has been a performer, and I’d often accompany her to dance classes. That had a great impact on me. My mom would also direct school plays, and my brothers grew up doing a lot of theatre. I used to watch them perform, and I'd be in complete awe. But even after all that exposure, I was averse to acting myself. I’d only participate in school plays to bunk classes and because my mom was the director. Else, I was the sporty kid who wanted to play football and cricket.” 

C: How did professional acting happen then? We have heard you were a good cricketer...

ARK: “I have been spreading that rumour, by the way [laughs]. But I couldn’t pursue cricket because I had four hours of tuitions everyday, and would never get any time to practice. I became a VJ when I was 19. At that time, I had no plans of being in front of the camera...I was actually very uncomfortable with the idea. But I was doing nothing with my time, so when
I was called for the auditions, my mom forced me to go. I went for it very grudgingly, but somehow got the job
(I think the Afro helped). And eventually,
I learnt the ropes.”

Aditya Roy Kapoor

C: You seem like a very chill, ‘taking each days as it comes’ sort of person. How would you describe yourself?

ARK: “You know, for me, it’s important to go with the flow...and roll with the punches. I don’t know if I can have too many concrete plans for what I want to do exactly, but I do have some goals and aspirations, that I keep to myself and keep working towards. And I have learnt to embrace the uncertainty that comes with being an actor. The profession comes with many highs and lows, and you have to maintain your equilibrium through both.” 

C: What is 2021 looking like for you? 

ARK: “No-one can say anything with certainty, but I do hope the pandemic is behind us, and there is a lot of work for everyone...and we can get back into things in full swing. Once travel is up and running again, I’d love to take off for a bit. Other than that, I wish to do the normal stuff again—and spend more time with family and friends.” 

Aditya Roy Kapoor



Photographs Courtesy: Netflix India; 

Interview: Humra Afroz Khan

Hair: Raghu at Aalim Hakim; Make-Up: Stephen Jadhav; 

Styling: Nikita Jaisinghani