Gigi Hadid's MUA has a Lip Plumping Hack that Just Changed the Game

Why didn't I think of this?

Though Gigi Hadid took a step back from sharing insights into her hair and makeup for a while last year (due to, y'know, casually bringing new life into the world), she's now seemingly back on a glam hype, and we're so glad to see it.

A couple of weeks ago she posted her first ever reel, featuring her extra long hair coloured a gorgeous rose gold shade, and shortly before that she coloured it bright red after being inspired by Anya Taylor Joy in Netflix's The Queen's Gambit.

And now, she's posted a gorgeous close-up beat reveal from on set at Maybelline, captioned "right through the very heart of it 🗽 another NYC day with my @maybelline fam @erinparsonsmakeup @elizabethsulcer @estherlangham @missstephoh ++++ our whole crew. Love u all"

The video shows MUA Erin Parsons creating a glowy, glass-skin look on Gigi complete with full-as-heck lips, and I for one felt particularly grateful for the insights into how on earth this gorgeousness is created.

...Particularly because it taught me a whole lot about how Gigi's lip colour is applied (that's right, sound the lip plumping klaxon).

Parsons seems to take a lip colour slightly darker than Gigi's natural lips, and buffs it around her lipline, diffusing her lip colour into the surrounding skin. It's a super clever hack, because it creates an optical illusion which makes it preeetty difficult to spy which parts of the lips are real, and which are overlining mastery (unless you look super closely).

To achieve the look seamlessly, Parsons uses a muuuuch thicker lip brush than you'd expect, buffing in sideways motions, before allowing Gigi to tap away the excess. The result is a crazy natural XXL lip that'll be low-maintenance all day long.

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