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Celebrity Confessions: 11 Things Kareena Kapoor Khan Told Cosmo India

In 2011, Kareena Kapoor (not Khan yet) sat down Cosmo India for a candid chat. On the occasion of her birthday, we look back at 11 things she told us from her celebrity crush to what she does to feel sexy and her biggest phobia...

Actor, author, wife, mother, brand ambassador, fashion icon... Kareena Kapoor Khan is a force to be reckoned with, wearing multiple hats with equal aplomb as she excels at anything she sets her mind to. Over the years, Cosmo India has had many opportunities to chat with Kareena to chat about love, life, her career and more.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Back in 2011, when she was on the cover of our October 2011 issue, Kareena was dating, but not yet married to Saif Ali Khan. Young, vivacious, full of life and determined to succeed at whatever she took on, that actor sat down with Cosmo to talk about her passions, her take on fashion, her favourite city in the world, her celebrity crush and the one thing that scares her silly. On the occasion of Kareena's 41st birthday, we look back at a few things she confessed, to find out what's changed and what's remained the same over a span of ten years, and to get a glimpse of the woman behind the camera. 

How did Kareena view her career in 2011? 

" I find myself feeling quite content with where my life is right now. I’ve had the opportunity to work with all five Khans this year, which was a brilliant experience. What’s made this time even more special is the unprecedented success of Bodyguard—I’m very proud to have been associated with the film. Personally, things are on track and heading in a positive direction."

What Kareena liked to cook for Saif when they were dating...

"Oh, I do love to cook, but I must admit I mostly stick to the basics (laughs). I don’t dare to be too experimental with my culinary skills and I make Saif spaghetti once in a while, if he’s lucky! But hands down, my favourite cuisine is Italian food. It’s just good, wholesome, delicious food."

On her love of travel and her favourite destinations.

"I’m a big fan of travelling and discovering new cities and experiencing new cultures but sadly, thanks to a very hectic work schedule I don’t get to experience new places as often as I’d like. Whenever I do take a break from work, I end up spending time catching up with family. But travelling is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now...maybe next year I’ll finally get 
a chance.I’ve loved filming in Europe ever since my first international shoot, and that feeling of fondness for the cities there has only grown ever since. I also enjoy several locations in India, especially Punjab, where we shot Jab We Met. The food is delicious and I’m a big foodie."

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor's covershoot with Cosmo India circa 2011

If not Mumbai, where would Kareena live? 

"I’d happily move to either London (because I love shopping and eating in the city) or Switzerland because it’s just such a beautiful country. It has been my favourite holiday spot for many years now."

The one actor she would love to work with?

"I’d absolutely love to star in a movie opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s just brilliant!"

Her most memorable roles (in 2011).

"I am really fond of my character in Jab We Met, she’s a lot like what I am in reality and it felt good to play that role. Also, my role in Omkara was one of the most challenging ones, so that was memorable for me, too."

Kareena Kapoor's take on fashion. 

"I’d like to think I make my own trends, so I don’t really follow what the fashion industry dictates. If people 
like what I wear, that’s great. My personal style is very classic and casual; I don’t like to overdo it, but I do like to keep it glamorous."

Her wierdest phobia? 

"To be locked in a room with a cockroach."

Her one body part she loves?

"My eyes."

What does Kareena do to feel sexy?

"I put on my loosest T-shirt."

Kareena's life motto in 2011.

"A girl should always be fearless and fabulous, and conquering the world will be that much easier."