Katy Perry Channelled Moana's Hair And Pamela Anderson's Swimsuit In Beach Pic

The cross collaboration we never knew we needed

If you don't like pictures of beautiful women on beautiful beaches, you better look away now because this picture of Katy Perry in Hawaii might just finish you off.

At this point we all love a photo dump, even your mum has inadvertently joined the trend, so of course Katy is going to post one whilst she's visiting some of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Always one to get on board with a theme, it seems Katy has gone full Hawaiian vibes for her time in the aloha state and we have to admit we're living for it.

Posting a picture from the Kauai islands, it's hard to know what to look at first. The stunning beach and mountain scenery, or Katy in her bright red Pamela Anderson-esque swimming costume.

With her blonde hair styled in natural beachy waves - complete with a Hawaiian hibiscus behind her ear - Katy is making us want to sack off the rest of the afternoon and sing along to Moana instead.

When we say we want beach hair, this is the beach hair we mean, however we never, ever seem to be able to achieve it.





While Katy is all Queen of Motunui on top, she's definitely lifeguard down below, with a bright red, high cut swimsuit, complete with matching hibiscus illustration.

If this isn't the outfit you'd wear to an interview with Mitch Buchanan, I don't know what is.