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Ariana Grande Just Proved Your Eyeliner Doesn’t Always Need To Be Black

It sort of looks like Tipp-Ex

I love a good eyeliner moment. In fact, winged eyeliner is one of my favourite things to do with my makeup.

So, when I saw Ariana’s graphic eyeliner moment, I immediately stopped scrolling. Her eyeliner runs along her lash line, stretches out into her signature wing but then, it goes UP and along her eye crease. Truly a work of art.

Even better, Ariana’s go-to makeup artist Ash K Holm didn’t opt for standard jet black.

Instead, she used eyeliner that’s so white, the colour almost resembles Tipp-Ex (note: it most definitely is not Tipp-Ex. Please do not use Tipp-Ex as eyeliner).


Seeing a white eyeliner moment is so refreshing and shows you don’t need to always opt for standard black or a dark colour for a winged-out look.

Ari’s artistic look was for another episode of The Voice in the U.S., where she’s experiencing her first season as a judge.

For her hair, her hairstylist Josh Liu gave her an adorable half-up moment with two strands of hair framing her face – you know, that classic secondary hairstyle that everybody from Kourtney Kardashian to Christina Aguilera is doing at the moment?

We were ahead of our time, guys.