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#Cosmoexclusive Taapsee Pannu on What She Feels Will Bring About Gender Equality in Bollywood

Taapsee who’s Rashmi Rocket released to rave reviews talks to Cosmo about consistently staying at the top of her fitness game, consciously taking up strong female leads and more

Taapsee Pannu’s Rashmi Rocket, where she plays an athlete released on October 15th on an OTT platform. The movie highlights several issues that women athlete face and their struggle that often goes unnoticed. Taapsee plays a firebrand sprinter from Bhuj, Gujarat, who’s trailblazing performance is stunted when she fails to qualify in a gender test. The actor’s penchant for taking up strong lead roles (case in point being Thappad and Pink) is well known and she tells Cosmo is an exclusive interview that it’s a conscious decision. Taapsee, who walked the ramp for Gaurang Shah at FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2021, lets us in on her ideas about fashion, her personal style, her fitness regime and what she feels can restore gender equality in Bollywood. Given below are excerpts from the interview.

Cosmo: You walked for Gaurang at the fashion week.His shows are usually a grand spectacle, did you enjoy being a part of it this time? 

Taapsee Pannu: “I have been a fan of his work but the way he does his shows is what sets him apart. The kind of aura he creates on stage with live music or performances along with the ramp walk is very different. There’s something surreal about the entire show. So when he asked me to do it, I just couldn't say no because it's an experience more than anything else.”

Cosmo: What does fashion mean to you?

TP: “Fashion for me is something that you can relate to, it’s an extension of your personality. It’s not about trends. So for me, fashion is something personal.”

taapsee Pannu

Cosmo: How would you describe your personal style?

TP: “My style changes with every film I do because it kind of affects my mental state so much that I start dressing up like the character that I have portrayed lately. However, I’m a huge fan of hand-woven and hand looms fabrics that are also quite skin-friendly.”

Cosmo: You have a few sports films lined up for release—Looop Lapeta and Shabash Mithu, considering that you need a different level of fitness for that. How do you keep up with your fitness regime?

TP: “You really need to take out time for that because fitness is an important part of your me-time because this is why you will respect your body, or in return when it helps you sustain that 12-hour workday. So, I feel following a fitness regime is extremely essential because you need to strengthen your body to be able to live up to the kind of regime you put it through.” 


Cosmo: You usually play strong female leads in movies, is that a conscious decision

TP: “Yes, playing strong female characters is a conscious decision, I think, conscious because it kind of makes me feel like doing something fruitful. Something that I can myself look forward to when I go to work, rather than just doing something that does not make any sense.”

Cosmo: What do you think will bring about gender equality in the film industry? 

TP: “That list is long but to begin with, I feel, the audience can help in bringing about equality in the film industry by going to theatres to watch a female-driven film, as much as they do for a male-driven film, that will put us all on a level playing field.”

taapsee Pannu