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Here’s How Bella Hadid is Bridging the Worlds of Art and Fashion with Her Metaverse Avatars

Welcome to CY-B3LLA… Bella’s NFT platform where you can now own an accurate likeness of her.

You may recall how in October 2019 Bella Hadid was declared to be ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’ by a renowned London-based facial cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva. She had undergone a scientific analysis that determines what constitutes the 'perfect face' based on the Greek formula of Phi or the Golden Ratio. A product of the European Renaissance, this Ratio was used by many an artist to create their masterpieces, as it considered to the ultimate formula for physical beauty.

After the measurements of her various facial features like eyes, nose, eyebrows, jaw, chin, and the overall shape, it was declared that Bella came the closest to Phi, with a 94.35% match. The other celebs who had scored high on this list of facial perfection included the Queen Bey, Beyoncé, and singer-songwriter Ariana Grande. Fast forward to the present, Bella seems to be making the most of popularity and Greek Goddess-like appearance by announcing a massive range of NFT (non-fungible token) collectables and souvenirs, CY-B3LLA.


Bella Hadid is known to have perfect facial features that come close to the Golden Ratio.

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Consisting of 11,111 exclusive NFTs in 4K resolution, the collection has been created by after meticulous, high-quality 3D body scans of the supermodel to ensure that the digital artworks are as life-like as possible. Futuristic with cyborg and robotic aesthetics (inspired a tad by the gaming world), a curated team of top-notch professionals such as make-up artist Raisa Flowers and hair stylist Evanie Frausto helped create them.

Envisioned as a digital revolution of sorts, CY-B3LLA is dedicated the revival of human communication in a post-pandemic world and to foster love across the globe. Launched in collaboration with reBASE, a social metaverse site, this venture sure does start new conversations about art and fashion coming together to carve out their own niche in the growing NFT movement.    


A NFT from CY-B3LLA.

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And guess what? There’s more…each CY-B3LLA NFT will serve as an identity passes to the CY-B3R GALA. This unique, multi-dimensional experience will consist of curated virtual as well as physical events that aim to inspire creativity and confidence in its community members too.