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“We Play Takeshi’s Castle With Our Own Kids": Inside Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor's Fam Vacation

They've nailed the art of travelling with children! 

Travelling with children can be difficult. They need to be constantly entertained and you can’t let loose because you’ve got to keep one eye firmly on them. However, Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor, who is currently on a dream vacation around Europe, seem to have nailed the art of travelling with their children- Misha and Zain.

After vacationing in Italy and Switzerland the couple is now jetting off to another European destination. The two have been giving us glimpses into their fam trip through their social media. However, on Monday, Mira posted something on her Instagram stories that seemed to grab people’s attention. In a series of photos, she went on to explain how she had Shahid enjoy playing Takeshi’s Castle with their children. For all those whose childhood was devoid of television, Takeshi’s Castle is a famous Japanese gameshow. It was a cult favourite of a whole generation. 

Mira Rajput kids

The first image that Mira posted showed Misha and Zain partaking in rope climbing. Adorable! The text on the story read, “We play Takeshi’s Castle with our own kids.” The next photo didn’t have the kids but it showed a few block puzzles that look like real-life Tetris. And finally, the next few images showed the family enjoying a day out at a park with Zain chasing pigeons. This vacation is going to turn into some core memories for these children. 


A few days ago, Shahid took to his Instagram to post a super cute picture from their holiday. It showed him holding the hands of his children. The caption read, “Moments we remember from our childhood that shaped us. And then we get to redo them as an adult. Sometimes we even get to fulfil our own dreams as a child. The child in us is always alive. Keep it well-nourished. At every stage in life.”