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Emma Roberts uses a gold toothbrush in the most unexpected way in her makeup routine

It's truly fabulous. 

Emma Roberts is far from "the soufflé that didn't a-rise" (shout out to the most quotable line in Wild Child), so we were more than ready to listen to her beauty routine to see if we could pick up any tips, but we weren't expecting this.

When it got to discussing her enviable brows, Emma revealed it was an area she was particularly into, saying; "So now we're gonna do brows – I'm obsessed with my brows, I love to brush my brows." Which is pretty relatable, it's quite soothing really.

But this point is when she whipped out a little mini metallic toothbrush, explaining "Iconic London makes this brow wax and guys... it comes with a gold toothbrush. My eyebrows have their own toothbrush."


And now my eyebrows are screaming neglect because they want their own golden toothbrush. But I'm pretty committed to my current brow product, so they're going to need to go without.

Though Emma did do a pretty good job of selling the Iconic Silk & Brush, telling fans and followers; "I like this application with the toothbrush and with the wax because it does flake off it doesn't look wet, it just gives them that little brush."

It seems she's come a long way since her teens, sharing the most relatable brow growth story (pun intended): "I used to wax them obsessively, like my drivers' license photo when I was 17 I literally have two eyebrow arches like it's just crazy. So I let them grow, I wax them maybe every few months and then I just tweeze and I kind of just, I let the girls be themselves."

We're all just one brow sisterhood. We've lived the same life. And collectively we must band together to refuse to go back to the skinny brow.