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Jennifer Lopez on feeling 'guilty' that her children struggle with her fame

"I did that to them".

Although being the child of a celebrity might seem like a great deal on paper, many a famous face has argued that it's not quite all it's cracked up to be. Most recently, Jennifer Lopezwho shares two children with her ex-husband, Marc Anthonyhas admitted she feels "guilty" about exactly that.

"I think being the child of famous parents is not something many people can understand," Lopez said during an interview with Audacy. "And I feel for [my kids] for that because they didn't choose that."

"They have just started letting me know how people treat them," she went on. "They're not seeing them for who they are. And I think that has to be a really hard thing for them."

She continued: "Being judged by people that you don't even know in a way is, I think, really difficult for them to grow up and be themselves."


To that end, Lopez said she feels "guilt" that her kids are subject to such judgement – from the press and the public – due to her and Marc being in the spotlight. "I did that to them," she said, adding that like any parent, she wants "to protect them from everything."

Elsewhere in the interview, Lopez opened up about societal pressure to be the "perfect mom", referencing her leading role in Netflix's newest movie hit: The Mother.

"What is the perfect mom? And what does that mean?" she asked. "The truth is, we all do it differently."

Lopez went on: "There really is no perfect version; it’s just about being the best version of a mom you can be, with your specific set of skills, your specific set of experiences, and who you are as a person."

You've got this, Jen!

Credit: Cosmopolitan